Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day

At the zoo with my boys on Mother's Day
Mother's Day is always a hard day for me. I am so in love with being a mom but for some reason, on that day, no matter how happy I am or how enjoyable the day is, my focus is on Henry and how much I miss him and where he would fit in the mix of our family.  This year was a double-whammy because I was also missing my beloved Gran so much. I find comfort in them being together but selfishly, I wish they were both still here with me.  I am so proud and happy that Henry has touched many lives and his little life has given me (and our family) the opportunity to meet people and help people that I wouldn't have otherwise. Our team raised $2400 for the March of Dimes this year and I know that it will help so many families in our situation or in happier situations where the baby gets to go home in the arms of his or her parents.  Mother's Day also makes me feel sad for women who want children but have been unable to have them or the moms out there aching for another child and it is not happening. Henry has been on my mind so much this week and I just miss him every day.

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