Monday, December 21, 2009


December has been a rough month- lots of friends and aquantainces having babies and Henry's due date coming and going. Now we are heading to Christmas, our first one without Henry. We have mixed emotions- trying to be celebratory of the holidays for Jack but just feeling sad without Henry. We made it through his due date and really, I am happy to not have it hanging over our heads anymore. It was a very sad day but we made the most of it, Carl worked from home and then we took Jack out for dinner and did a cheers for Henry. Jack loves doing cheers so it was a nice remembrance for him to be a part of. Our OB called last week to see how we were doing, I really am impressed with that practice. I loved them with Jack and with everything that happened with Henry, they have been so kind. I am getting over strep throat and I think we all have a cold now or at least lingerings from past colds. 2009 is a year that I could happily erase so we are looking forward to a fresh start in 2010.

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